Varied fortunes as G20 Leaders Summit Ends in Brisbane Australia

Varied fortunes as G20 Leaders Summit Ends in Brisbane Australia

Shared slight

It began with an intentional snub as Putin arrived to be welcomed by a Junior Minister in the government of Abbot at the airport.

The Canadian Prime Minister had strong words for the Russian leader. Leaders from Europe, led by David Cameron of Britain also had some words for Putin, as well as President Barack Obama of the US.

However Vladimir Putin managed to put on a cheerful face as he met Abbott on Saturday before the cameras, notwithstanding the comments several days earlier by the Australian leader when he accused him in person of attempting to relive the gone glory days of the defunct Soviet Union.

The Russian President appeared isolated during the entire Summit, although he wasn’t just the only word leader to get a hard G20.

Abbott’s Woes

The Summit host, PM Tony Abbott too had a tough summit.

It started badly with his initial comments made before the cameras, sitting with all other leaders of the G20 during a private retreat. Rather than concentrate on the bigger world picture, he chose to inform the world’s most powerful leaders concerning his own problems at home such as challenges s of getting his people to spend just $7 in charges as they saw the doctor. It was described as whining.

Carbon cuts mis-step

PM Abbott additionally pointed to his government’s success having scrapped carbon tax. Just days earlier, the Chinese and U.S. Presidents had announced massive new carbon emission cuts to a general global applause.

Throughout the G20 Summit, Abbott was ever on the carbon debate wrong side, attempting to keep steering off the meeting’s main agenda, maintaining that the main point of the Summit g was economics.

He also offered no financial support towards Obama’s new green fund of $3 billion to aid developing economies in combating the climate change effects.

Useful Trip for U.S and China

New climate change proposals and trade deals flowed from the camp of the U.S, with the Obama evidently enjoying his overseas trip.

Similarly, Xi Jinping the Chinese President too had a good trip beginning with his individual climate change proposals, a number of new trade deals plus a historic and landmark handshake with Shinzo Abe, Japanese Prime Minister the regional rival. This has been suggested to a possible new commencement of a de-escalation of long standing tensions between Japan and China over the East China Sea territorial disputes.

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