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Australian Immigration Agency is a leading migration and immigration agency in Perth.

Here at Australian Immigration Agency, we fully understand how, as a newcomer to Australia, the immigration or visa process can often seem daunting and confusing. Our goal is to simply things for you and to take the stress out of this headache and to leave you with more time for the things that really matter: like dreaming about how you will enjoy your days in sunny Australia!

Whether you require superior quality assistance or information regarding an Australian holiday or permanent resident visa, moving or working in Australia, real estate, investments in Australia, studying or healthcare in Australia (or even all of the above!), here at Australian Immigration Agency, we can gladly assist you. Our team of professional and highly experienced consultants and immigration agents in Perth will guide you and help you with every aspect regarding the Australian immigration process.

Here at Australian Immigration Agency, we like to take a personal approach to business and we pride ourselves on our friendly yet personal way with working with our valued clients. Although we are considered as a leading migration and immigration lawyers in Perth, our prices are surprisingly affordable! As a full-service immigration agency, we handle all aspects of the process for you such as the tedious paperwork, visa, research, submission, administration and communication.

Even if you are not based in Perth but with to live in this beautiful and sunny city in Australia, you can certainly contact us for assistance with your Australian migration.

With incredible customer service, professionalism, integrity, reliability and friendliness being the cornerstone of everything we do here at Australian Immigration Agency, our ultimate objective is to give you the best chance of succeeding with your Australian visa application.

So, why not contact us today and see how easy it is?

Perth Office:
Level 25, 108 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Tel: +61 (8) 6557 8797

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