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Papua New Guinea PNG visas

People who wish to travel to Papua New Guinea for work, business, study or tourism purposes must have an entry permit/Visa to enter the country.

Australian Immigration Agency AIA can assist applicants to obtain the appropriate visa. We have onshore agents in PNG who will assist in ensuring your application is processed smoothly. We have successfully obtained PNG visas for several years for both individual clients and corporate business clients.

Who can get an on-arrival visa to PNG?

List of Countries allowed to obtain VISA on arrival

  • All Pacific countries
  • All Western European countries
  • All Americans
  • New Zealand

Who cannot get an on-arrival visa to PNG?

List of Countries that are not allowed VISA on arrival

  • Australia
  • All Eastern European countries
  • All South East Asian countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc) except for Philippines and Malaysia
  • All African countries
  • All Middle East countries

What are the different types of PNG visas?

PNG visas can be issued for single or multiple entries depending on the purpose of the visit.

Tourist Visa – Individuals who wish to sightsee independently, travel, or visit friends, etc. All visitor Entry Permits are valid for a single entry stay of sixty (60) days from the date of arrival. Work is prohibited.

Working Resident Visa – Working Resident classes of Entry Permits are valid for periods of up to 3 years and are issued for multiple entries in accordance with expiry dates of the Work Permit/approval issued by the PNG Department of Labour and Industrial Relations DLIR. Employment is permitted only if you hold a valid work permit from the PNG DLIR.

  • Business person/Investor: Person wishing to invest in Papua New Guinea and/or establish a business. A valid work permit is required.
  • Employment: Persons wishing to work in PNG for 3 months to 3 years. A valid work permit is required.
  • Short-Term Multiple Entry: Persons entering PNG on multiple visits during a single twelve-month period (to attend business meetings, board meetings, conferences, conduct an exploratory business visit or participate in business negotiation).

Business Visa – Employment is prohibited on this visa.

  • Short-Term Single Entry: Persons entering PNG for a single visit (to attend business meetings, board meetings, conferences, conduct an exploratory business visit or participate in business negotiation).
  • Short-Term Multiple Entry: Persons entering PNG on multiple visits during a single twelve-month period (to attend business meetings, board meetings, conferences, conduct an exploratory business visit or participate in business negotiation).

Student Visa – Person undertaking full-time studies in PNG institutions. Student Entry Permits are Multiple Entry and are issued up to the length of the course. Entry permits for government-sponsored students may be issued according to the length of the sponsorship




We care about you, your family and your business / career, as if it was our very own. That’s why we reject the cookie cutter approach to migration advice. Rather we dedicate time and attention to listen to your individual needs and develop tailored migration solutions and practical advice for now and the future.


Our experience and personalised visa and migration agent services allows us to complete your application with precision and speed. We are methodical in our ways of working to ensure nothing gets missed, documentation is requested upfront and applications can be lodged quickly.


We pride ourselves on our high success rate. As much as you choose us to represent you, we also are selective in regards to who we will provide visa services for. You can rest assured that we will not take on your case or take your money, unless we believe we can achieve a successful outcome for you.


At AIA, we believe in being upfront about our fees, to provide you with long term certainty regarding all aspects of the migration process and to avoid any nasty surprises at the end. We provide value through differentiation such as writing customised individual submission letters for applications.




Reviewer ALI KHAN

Ali Khan

“With help of AIA, my brother my family and I could acquire Australian tourist visa. Because of political and social reasons, this is not an easy task for Iranians”


Owen Barnabas

“Had a very urgent case regarding the 482 visa. Thanks to AIA and particularly Ruby who acted on my case urgently I had my 482 visa granted within a very short period of time. The manner in which it was dealt with was very professional and all done so by a very friendly and kind team. I would highly recommend them”


Caroline Butler

“Myself and my partner had a very urgent case regarding the 482 sponsorship visa that was handled brilliantly by AIA, especially by Ruby. She took on our case and acted on it as soon as possible. I would highly recommend AIA as we got our visa through in a short period of time”


Peter King

“AIA handled my case rapidly and with professionalism. Within two weeks of AIA submitting my application for AU citizenship I was contracted by AU Immigration for an interview and test. AIA was a great investment and provided stellar services”


Romain Davies

“My case for the 482 visa was not easy and urgent but AIA and especially Ruby found the good way to manage it. I knew that it would be difficult and may be not possible to get this sponsor but Ruby did it! Thank you”


Viki Wong

“Ruby and team were very helpful and thorough. We are Kiwis and have successfully achieved our PR goal with their assistance in a very quick time-frame.
Highly recommend them”


Hepzi Dorairaj

“I applied for 189 visa through AIA. I’m very glad I chose AIA as they made my visa process very smooth and absolutely with no stress during skill assessment and EOI. They are very approachable and kind to provide any clarification anytime I reach out to them. They always do it right the first time. I definitely recommend AIA.”


Raphael, Brazil

My 482 visa was complicated, after speaking to many agents, I met for consultation with Michaela at AIA office, within 3 weeks my application was lodged and visa was granted very quickly. Speak to AIA if you have a complicated case, they will point you in the right direction and sort it out.


Marion, Philippines

“AIA did a great job with my partner visa application for wife from Philippines. They did Prospective marriage visa stage, 820 visa and second stage 801 applications. Friendly and experienced staff. I am now happily settled in Brisbane with my wife and children. They are experts in partner visas and highly recommend them.”

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