G20 World Leaders Summit in Brisbane: As it unfolded

G20 World Leaders Summit in Brisbane: As it unfolded

The growing Ukraine crisis in will get discussed by the US President and 5 leaders of the EU who are present.

Throughout the day, protests in huge numbers have gone on despite the heat.

Vladimir Putin, Russian President is facing some catastrophic oil prices slump. British PM David Cameron indicates that Europe would be having no option but to increase sanctions in case the Russian Leader does not abide by earlier agreements in terms of respecting Ukraine’s independence.

Joe Hockey, Australian treasurer, indicates that governments stand the risk of getting their legitimacy lost in people’s eyes if multinationals are permitted to carry on.

Bill Shorten, the opposition leader, has convened a doorstop, carrying on his comments regarding the speech earlier by Abbott.

Shorten said that he was convinced Abbott had “stunned” the world leaders with his quest of placing domestic politics to be the front and centre of the Summit of G20 Leaders.

Ben Doherty of the Guardian Australia writes that Obama has become a lame duck at home, although a lion while he is away. Ben writes that in spite of the woes facing the Democrats back home in the US, President Obama is able to call the global shots – or at the minimum push the global agenda while at international leader meetings.

In spite of Abbott very not wishing climate change to be anywhere on the Summit agenda, the speech by Obama was just about that. And this was rather a hit among the comparatively young audience.

More required to combat Ebola – says G20 leaders

The leaders of G20 have communicated their Ebola crisis statement.

In summary, the statement conveys sadness regarding the emergency in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, reiterates their commitment, and applauds and commends the work done so far, but goes on to call for extra from everybody.

The statement reads that the G20 members should recommit themselves to the WHO’s international regulations on health.

This was done very efficiently by the G20 leaders and it was all performed done and settled in a couple of minutes.

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