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We provide a range of services relating to Australian Visas, Citizenship and International visas to select countries with the help of our agents.


Reviewer ALI KHAN

Ali Khan

“With help of AIA, my brother my family and I could acquire Australian tourist visa. Because of political and social reasons, this is not an easy task for Iranians”


Owen Barnabas

“Had a very urgent case regarding the 482 visa. Thanks to AIA and particularly Ruby who acted on my case urgently I had my 482 visa granted within a very short period of time. The manner in which it was dealt with was very professional and all done so by a very friendly and kind team. I would highly recommend them”


Caroline Butler

“Myself and my partner had a very urgent case regarding the 482 sponsorship visa that was handled brilliantly by AIA, especially by Ruby. She took on our case and acted on it as soon as possible. I would highly recommend AIA as we got our visa through in a short period of time”


Peter King

“AIA handled my case rapidly and with professionalism. Within two weeks of AIA submitting my application for AU citizenship I was contracted by AU Immigration for an interview and test. AIA was a great investment and provided stellar services”


Romain Davies

“My case for the 482 visa was not easy and urgent but AIA and especially Ruby found the good way to manage it. I knew that it would be difficult and may be not possible to get this sponsor but Ruby did it! Thank you”


Viki Wong

“Ruby and team were very helpful and thorough. We are Kiwis and have successfully achieved our PR goal with their assistance in a very quick time-frame.
Highly recommend them”


Hepzi Dorairaj

“I applied for 189 visa through AIA. I’m very glad I chose AIA as they made my visa process very smooth and absolutely with no stress during skill assessment and EOI. They are very approachable and kind to provide any clarification anytime I reach out to them. They always do it right the first time. I definitely recommend AIA.”


Raphael, Brazil

My 482 visa was complicated, after speaking to many agents, I met for consultation with Michaela at AIA office, within 3 weeks my application was lodged and visa was granted very quickly. Speak to AIA if you have a complicated case, they will point you in the right direction and sort it out.


Marion, Philippines

“AIA did a great job with my partner visa application for wife from Philippines. They did Prospective marriage visa stage, 820 visa and second stage 801 applications. Friendly and experienced staff. I am now happily settled in Brisbane with my wife and children. They are experts in partner visas and highly recommend them.”







We care about you, your family and your business / career, as if it was our very own. That’s why we reject the cookie cutter approach to migration advice. Rather we dedicate time and attention to listen to your individual needs and develop tailored migration solutions and practical advice for now and the future.


Our experience and personalised visa and migration agent Brisbane services allows us to complete your application with precision and speed. We are methodical in our ways of working to ensure nothing gets missed, documentation is requested upfront and applications can be lodged quickly.


We pride ourselves on our high success rate. As much as you choose us to represent you, we also are selective in regards to who we will provide visa services for. You can rest assured that we will not take on your case or take your money, unless we believe we can achieve a successful outcome for you.


At AIA, we believe in being upfront about our fees, to provide you with long term certainty regarding all aspects of the migration process and to avoid any nasty surprises at the end. We provide value through differentiation such as writing customised individual submission letters for applications.

Australian Immigration Agency – Migration Agent Australia

Who we are

Australian Immigration Agency (AIA) comprises of a team of registered migration experts who are experts in Australian migration law. We provide professional advice to onshore and offshore applicants. We personally assist consultancy for pr in Australia and temporary residency visa applications.

Australian Immigration Agency is a specially set up registered migration company with expertise and experience in Australian migration and visas. Only the best professional advice is extended to interested applicants on Australian residency and visa applications.

Our Mission

To provide an unrivalled level of service and to contribute to the sustained growth of the Australian economy through immigration, while possessing extensive knowledge of migration law.

Australian Immigration Agency

As registered migration agents in Australia, we aim to go beyond our clients’ expectations in providing expert immigration services and advice through our professionalism, commitment, candid guidance, excellence and quality. We aim to provide a stress-free migration experience to all visa applicants.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) recommends that applicants considering using an agent should employ the services of a registered (MARA) migration agent. Australian Immigration Agency (AIA) and its members are registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Our agents are also active members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

Migration agents are professionals who work to assist those applying for Australian visas or citizenship. Using a migration agent has the following benefits:

  • ­­­Get Professional Advice: Deciding to move to another country, whether temporarily or permanently, is a big and important life choice. A registered migration agent is a professional who can use their expertise to ensure that your visa or citizenship application process proceeds as smoothly as possible. Why chance such an important process?
  • Benefit From Experience: A quality Australian migration agent has dealt with many visa and citizenship applications before, and seen many cases. If you have a complicated case, a migration agent can provide perspective and advice from experience.
  • Simplify & Reduce Stress: Sure, you can fill out most immigration forms yourself, but worrying about the quality of your response and tight deadlines can be stressful. A migration lawyer can complete these forms and file them for you, while keeping you up to speed on every step of the process.
  • Let the Agent Do the Talking: Waiting for a response to your application is tiresome. An agent can make enquiries to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf. While they can’t speed up the process, an agent can help you keep tabs on the state of your application.
Best Immigration Lawyers

Great agent choice

AIA has a great and experienced team that is qualified, experienced and skilled in the majority of migration visas. As mentioned above, AIA is a registered member with MARA as well as MIA to provide the high-quality services and up-to-date information on Australian immigration and services such as the procurement of visas and citizenship. Their hospitable and dedicated team is committed to walking the interested party through the whole application process for a visa or citizenship in Australia.

Up-to-date Information

AIA prides itself in providing ample up-to-date and accurate migration and visa information on their website which is freely available on a 24/7 basis. Any interested party on Australian migration is welcome to access AIA’s website information from anywhere at any time or contact any of its experienced immigration consultant for further information or advice.

All interested parties to Australia need to have a fairly good knowledge base of Australia before proceeding with the required Australian migration or visa procedures. The AIA team is available to assist in ensuring a stress free and smooth flowing migration experience.

Why Use Australian Immigration Agency

Now you understand why it makes sense to use a registered migration agent. But what sets Australian immigration Agency apart from other agents:

  • Our Performance Guarantee: Unlike other agencies, we clearly state the promises we make to our clients. We guarantee our clients honest, unambiguous advice, prompt communication, and an upfront attitude about fees.
  • Comprehensive Service: Our agency covers all types of immigration, from travel visas, work visas, and student visas to retirement visas and applications for citizenship. This means we have a wide range of experience, to provide professional advice no matter what visa services you may need.
  • Friendly Dedicated Agents: Our immigration consultants understand just how important the immigration process is for our clients. Customer service and communication are key parts of our business.

What our clients say

In accordance with our mission statement, we strive to provide the highest level of service to each and every one of our clients. As such we have rave reviews about our service across all our locations and for all our registered migration agents.

We take pride in our work and we genuinely care. We promise you are not just a number. You as a person matter to us. It is your future after all and we treat it with respect as though it was our own.

On that note, please feel free to see what some of our clients have to say in the testimonials section above.


Anyone can contact the reputable and experienced AIA team for an Australian business opportunity, retirement visa or Australian citizenship should they fall in love with Australia for their own reasons. Those who are seeking out golden opportunities in career can consider work visas while those hungering for deeper knowledge on a world class basis can consider appropriate student visa for an enlightening Australian education.

Registered Migration Agents

Families are important entities in Australia such as Parent visas, Partner visas, Child visas; hence, family visas through spouse and relative migration or through marriage opportunities can seek AIA experts for a quick and hassle free visa processing.

If you are a business looking to engage our immigration services, you can rest assured knowing your employees and clients are in capable hands. We extend our full range of expert services to your business to help you get on with making your business grow and succeed.

Why Australia

There are plenty of good reasons to come to Australia. Our country boasts world class universities, and our economy has weathered the global financial crisis better than other global economies.


Australian Immigration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I use a migration agent?

Yes. The entire immigration process is complicated, and it is very easy to make mistakes that can either stop you getting a visa entirely or delay the process even longer. A Migration Agent can guide you through the process, avoiding expensive mistakes and making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Why should I use an Australian immigration agent?

A registered Migration Agent can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. The Australian immigration process is complex and can be overwhelming. A migration agent will prepare all the documents for you, talk to the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf and make sure you have the best chance of getting your visa.

What is a registration of interest?

 Registration of Interest, also known as an Expression of Interest, is an important part of the application process for certain work visas. It must only be submitted on completion of an assessment, and it involves answering a number of questions. These answers are used to determine your eligibility for specific visas through a point scoring system.

Who can provide immigration assistance?

Providing assistance for the immigration process is limited to certain people who are allowed to help prepare applications and supporting documentation, represent you in court or for a review authority and so on. These are:

  • A Registered Migration Agent
  • A Legal Practitioner
  • An Exempt Person

An exempt person is someone who is neither a registered migration agent nor legal practitioner, but is one of the following:

  • Your Sponsor or nominator
  • A close family member
  • A member of a diplomatic mission
  • A member of a consular post
  • A member of an international organization
  • A parliamentarian

Exempt persons cannot be paid for representing you.

Who can help you with your Australian visa application?

 Who can help is restricted by legislation, with the three main categories being:

  • A Registered Migration Agent
  • A Legal Practitioner
  • An Exempt Person

An exempt person is someone who is neither a registered migration agent nor legal practitioner, but is one of the following:

  • Your Sponsor or nominator
  • A close family member
  • A member of a diplomatic mission
  • A member of a consular post
  • A member of an international organization
  • A parliamentarian

Exempt persons cannot be paid for representing you.

In addition, you can have an authorized recipient to receive documents on your behalf. There are no restrictions on who can be a receiving agent.

Why choose AIA as your migration agent?

With extensive experience and a dedicated professional team, AIA can make your migration process stress and hassle free, giving you the best chance of obtaining the visa you need. We can help with even the most challenging of situations, always acting in your best interests to deliver fast, successful results.

Permanent residency are you eligible?

 A permanent residency visa means you can live, work or study anywhere in Australia, along with a number of other benefits. Eligibility is determined by a points system. In addition, you must be under 45 years of age, be able to provide proof of a competent level of English language proficiency, and must choose an occupation on the skilled occupation list (SOL)

You must score at least 65 points on the table below to be eligible for the PR Visa:

Category Max Points Awarded
Age (25-32 years) 30
English Proficiency (8 Levels) 20
Work Experience in Australia (8 – 10 years) 20
Work experience Outside Australia (8-10 years) 15
Education Outside Australia 20
Australian Education 10
Study in a regional area 5
Accredited in community language 5
Professional year in an Australia skilled program 5
State sponsorship (190 visa) 5
Skilled spouse or partner 10
Spouse or partner with ‘competent English’ 5
Applicants without a spouse or partner or where a spouse is an Australia citizen or PR holder 10
Relative or regional sponsorship (491 visa) 15

Which Australian Visa is right for me?

 Which visa is right for you will depend on a number of factors, including the reason for migrating to Australia, the type of study or work you are looking for, whether you have family already in Australia and so on. As a migration agent, we will help you find the right visa for your unique situation.

What is the cost of hiring an Australian immigration agent?

The cost depends on the visa required and other factors. We provide upfront quotes that ensure you know the cost beforehand, with no hidden extras to surprise you. Because our experts ensure your application is completed correctly first time and seek fast responses, a good migration agent can save you money over the course of the application process.



To experience a stress-free migration experience to Australia, please contact our migration firm today through either of our local Australian offices or via our contact form.

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We speak your language.

We are proud that our team boasts many languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Malay, Tamil, Hindi, Russian, Ukrainian, Afrikaans and others.

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