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The Pandemic put the world on hold, but Visas keep on expiring

All around the world, life changed drastically in March 2020. Suddenly millions were working from home, and travel to local shops was an issue, never mind another country. From visiting family to taking a vacation, the world was put on hold as governments sought ways of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Even now, over 18-months later, we are only beginning to return to some semblance of normal, but not everything was put on hold for everyone. While some countries even subsidised earnings to help people during lockdown, as work stopped in many industries and transferred to remote work in others,…

Australia looks to open borders to citizens, permanent residents and students again

As a result of the pandemic, Australia officially closed its borders in March 2020, leaving citizens, permanent residents, students already accepted onto Australian educational courses, those will work visas and more stranded outside the country. Since then, as the world battled the issues of Covid-19 and the pandemic continued to impact every aspect of life around the globe, those borders have remained closed. This has caused significant problems for large numbers, with around 38,000 Australian citizens alone still stuck outside the country now, 18 months after the initial border closure.

Despite the Pandemic, Australia grants 160,000 permanent residences

While the world came to a stop during 2020, the Australian Migration Program continued on, delivering 160,052 places throughout the year, just going over the 160,000 ceiling. This is a significant increase of the 140,000 places provided during the previous cycle in 2019-20, this despite the lockdown and other barriers that the pandemic put in place. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke discussed the results of the program, explaining that this year it had exceeded expectations, noting that “Australia’s well-managed migration program delivers outcomes that support economic recovery, create jobs, and protect the safety and security of Australians.”. He continued, “Delivering a…

Australian Citizenship changes in 2021

For many who arrive on work or educational visas, Australia becomes home to the extent that they seek citizenship. In fact, immigrants are doing so in larger numbers than ever before, however immigration and citizenship remain a hot topic for the Australian government, and so the situation is always under review. The goal for legislation is to attract the skills and talent that will benefit the country as a whole, and that means adjusting the process to target specific demographics or skills, and this is particularly relevant after 2020. With its beautiful cities, incredible outback and friendly, welcoming culture, Australia…

Changes to Australian Immigration and Visas in 2021

Australia is a popular destination for those looking to start a new life in a new country, and with good reason. From one of the best lifestyles in the world, welcoming culture and beautiful surroundings, to the broad range of career and educational opportunities, it is a country that has so much to offer. However, as with any country, the government in Australia are constantly reviewing immigration policies to fit the current needs of both society and economy, and that means regular changes to the immigration and visa laws for those newly applying to move to Australia either temporarily or…

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