Health Requirements for Australian Visa Applicants

When applying for a Visa to travel to Australia whether it be a temporary Visa or something more permanent applicants are required to be in good health, capable of meeting the required health standard as set by the Department of immigration and citizenship.

In setting this health requirement for Visa applicants the DIAC is seeking to:-

  • Provide protection to Australians from the importation of public health and safety risks in particular from highly infectious contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, etc.
  • Protect the budgets of the Australian health and community services sectors to manage hospitals social security benefits pensions and allowances by ensuring no undue strain is placed on these services while allowing a disproportionate number of persons with expensive existing medical conditions to enter the country.
  • To ensure no undue strain is placed on scarce supply of specific healthcare and community services presently relied on by Australian citizens and permanent residents

As the visa applicant you will be required to be free from any disease or condition that is

  • considered a potential danger to the Australian community or all in some way a threat to the Australian public health care system.
  • Likely to result in significant healthcare costs and utilization of scarce community services at a cost of the Australian community.
  • Likely to require treatment for access to services within the health and community services sector in Australia thus compromising access to those services to Australian citizens or permanent residents

If there are some circumstances that will require you to agree to sign a health undertaking by Commonwealth medical officer(MOC). An example of such a situation is where you may have been assessed as having a disease or medical condition requiring you to have a follow-up examination once arriving in Australia – in such it circumstances you’d be required to sign a health and safety before it was considered you have met the health requirement.

If you have an existing medical or health condition and are looking for some advice prior to making an Australian Visa application it would be best to speak to us first. Please use the contact form on our website and get in touch with us today.

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