Australian Immigration News – 2011

Australia, a country in the southern hemisphere, is the sixth largest in the world. It’s viewed as a well-developed area with a strong economy and large population. Much of the concentration stems from the increase in immigration. Since the end of World War I, individuals who were born overseas have migrated to the country in hopes of beginning new lives and re-directing their future. The highest numbers of immigrants come from Vietnam, Italy, New Zealand, China, and the United Kingdom.

Involve an Australian migration advice agency to obtain your student visa

They provide opportunities for extra-curricular activities and sports. Most of the campuses are beautifully designed with natural beauties to conduct higher learning. It is the reason that thousands of students apply for a visa to migrate in Australia for getting a higher degree. A visa to Australia is a dream to most of the students of other countries. An Australian migration agent can effectively guide you to increase the chance of getting a student visa.. There are many student visa subclasses and you have to choose an appropriate category to ensure your student visa. It is best to involve an…

Skill Select Do we really need SkillSelect?

So why the new system? Do we really need SkillSelect? The new SkillSelect is being touted as a revolutionary way of efficiently managing Australia’s skilled migration needs. SkillSelect will allow the Australian government to manage allotted places to any given skill based on the economic need for those skills within Australia at any given time. For Example, should Australia go through a building boom leading to a shortage of tradesmen and the Australian government can quickly open up the number of skilled visas allotted to such trades persons.

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