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Have you ever thought about making a move to Australia and wanted to find out a little more about moving for education? If so, you should perhaps start by considering some of the available student visas that Australia offers and what these might mean for your own educational goals. After all, there could be many questions you may have about moving and studying in Australia; fortunately, we’re on hand today to help you find the right Visa, details on the application, and some of the guidelines you may need to follow. This series of FAQs should help you determine whether moving to Australia might be right for you.

Can International Students Go To Australia In 2022?

First of all, before we begin looking at the intricacies of applying for an Australian Visa, we should start by clarifying: can international students go to Australia in 2022 to study? Well, you’ll likely be pleased to hear that international students can go to Australia in 2022. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions on travel to Australia were in effect, which meant many young people could not travel or easily study abroad.

Fortunately, things have changed since then. Now, with the pandemic being managed and restrictions being lifted, currently, international students are able to travel to Australia for studying and work opportunities. Of course, applications for courses and visas still need to be made; however, this doesn’t have to be too complex with professional support.

Can You Get A Student Visa In Australia Right Now?

Can you get a student visa in Australia right now? Well, this process isn’t immediate, but Australia is accepting applications for student Visas. As such, you can apply for these all year round.

Normally, you would need to ensure that your Visa application has been successful before finalizing your place on any course. Applications can take time to approve, so it’s worth starting this early on to allow for any delays. Generally, application intakes usually occur at two main times throughout the year. Normally intakes start in Semester 1, which is the beginning of February in Australia, and then in Semester 2 in July.

Is Australia Accepting Student Visa Applications?

Due to the popular nature of studying in Australia and the benefits that this can provide for learners and the economy, Australia is currently accepting applications for student visas. Indeed, due to intense shortages in skilled labour roles, Australia is almost crying out for more and more skilled workers; and, as such, those who are qualified may wish to stay on after their studies for work opportunities. This would benefit the Australian economy and help students find their dream jobs within Australia.

Think this might be the right option for you? Well, a wide range of sectors and industries are crying out for qualified individuals to fill these roles. On top of job prospects after studying in Australia, the county is a magnet for young people and students due to the culture and lifestyle that many people lead here, making Australia one of the most popular countries globally to study and work in.

What Are The Requirements For An Australian Student Visa?

Now that we’ve clarified that moving to Australia is possible in 2022, we should consider the requirements for applying for an Australian student Visa, both from an individual and an academic perspective. After all, in order to study in Australia, you will need a student visa. This is known as the subclass-500 and allows applicants to study in the country for higher education purposes.

Of course, there’s a lot to think about here – but several key details are especially worth noting. Entry requirements for your course and the student visa specifically will naturally vary slightly, but as a rough guide, you will need to be proficient in English and also show a history of your education. For example, you will need to demonstrate a list of the schools you attended, the grades you achieved, and the dates for which you were at each school. This should also include up to your most recent qualifications, including any vocational qualifications you may have taken and higher education or undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

In addition to the aforementioned points, you will also need to meet the entry requirements for your course (or the Australian equivalent). Some students may also choose to complete a bridging course or foundation qualification to ensure they meet the necessary entry requirements. Without attaining these minimum requirements, you will be unable to apply for a student visa.

Other Australian student Visa requirements include that the holder must have overseas health cover (OSHC) and must be aged 16 or over. You may need to complete an English proficiency test to prove you are able to read and write to a certain level, and this will depend on your situation. Accepted English tests include TOEFL, IELTS Academic, and PTE Academic.

How Much Money Is Required For An Australian Student Visa?

When applying for a student Visa, it’s well worth looking at how much it is going to cost. When moving to another country, there are often many costs involved, which will vary depending on your unique situation. Costs typically include accommodation fees, sometimes enrolment fees onto selected courses, cost of living, and cost of travel. Importantly, however, the Australian student visa is not free and again incurs a cost for an application. Currently, the base application charge is $630AUD. If an additional applicant wishes to join you, you will need to pay an additional $470AUD if they are over 18.

Another key point is that you will need to prove your income to the Department of Home Affairs. You will need to prove that you have an income of around $20,290AUD to cover your living costs each year.

It’s also worth noting that, under the stipulations of the Australian student visa, you are permitted to bring a partner; however, if this is something you choose to do, you will need to add an additional $7100AUD to this figure for their living costs and also if any children are coming over, an additional $3040AUD per child.
As part of this decision, it is worth checking with the Australian universities, as often scholarships and funding can be arranged to help meet these costs. Several programs and schemes can also cover the cost of your student fees.

Are Australian Student Visas Easy To Get?

No one likes a headache – but, fortunately, applying for a student visa in Australia is a relatively simple process and is one of the easier countries to apply for a student visa. Like all countries, certain requirements are in place for applicants, as we’ve covered already, and applications may take some time to complete. But, generally speaking at least, the majority of Australian student visas are approved, providing the minimum conditions are met. Applying for student visas has never been easier, so this could be something worth considering for your own needs.

How Many Years Is A Student Visa In Australia Valid For?

One of the biggest frustrations with Visas is that they are time-limited – and this is also the case with the Studen Visa. Indeed, these Visas have an expiration date and are only valid for a set period of time. They are usually valid for as long as the course runs; however, if you need to stay for longer in Australia to complete your studies than expected, they may be able to be extended.
Often, standard student visas will last for around five years to allow students to study their chosen course. However, some degrees might run for even longer than that, especially if you have to take placement years.

How Can I Apply For A Student Visa In Australia?

The fastest and easiest way to apply for an Australian Visa is through the online portal on the Australian government website. This is the preferred method of application and is relatively simple to get started.

You will first need to make an online account on this site, and this will be tied to your application. This usually includes basic information such as your name, phone or contact number, and an email address. Once the account has been set up, you can start the application process by filling out the online form. This includes information such as health insurance, passport information, proof of temporary residence, and any additional supporting documents that you think could be valuable. Feel free to contact our team today, who can guide you on any information needed for the student visa application.

How Do I Start Applying For A Student Visa?

To start applying for a student Visa in Australia, you will need to first research the course you wish to study and some of the universities that offer this type of course. Then, once you have narrowed down your list of suitable universities, it’s worth applying for your chosen course. You will need to decide on this before the Visa application process, since some of the questions in the visa application will ask what course you wish to study.

Once you have applied successfully and have been accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter, which is one of the key supporting documents needed for a student Visa application. Applying for a Student Visa without this may be rejected, unfortunately.

The next step is to see whether you need a Visa or not. Most people travelling internationally to Australia to study will require a Visa; however, if you are coming from New Zealand, you are exempt from needing a Visa.

We’d highly recommend that, before traveling, you ensure you have all of the necessary supporting documents, current information, and funds available to make your case. This simple step helps prevent delays in the application process, which (let’s be honest) are incredibly frustrating.

You will want to start the application as soon as possible. It is also worth looking into all the visa options to see which one suits your needs best. For most students, the most suitable option will be the Australian Student Visa (subclass-500).

Applications may also require some further information such as a medical exam, attending a visa interview, providing evidence of no criminal convictions, and providing any additional supporting documents.

You can apply for your student visa 124 days before the start of your new course, and the application will likely take around four weeks to complete. Don’t worry, though; while this can be a nerve-wracking time, with a little patience and ensuring that the information you’ve filled out is correct, your visa application process should be a breeze.

When applying for a student Visa, some of the documents you’ll need to provide may include:

  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport
  • A letter of acceptance from the university you have applied to.
  • Evidence of financial stability. (As mentioned above)
  • Australian health insurance or overseas health cover
  • English proficiency results
  • Clear from criminal convictions
  • Proof of purchase for the $630AUD Visa application fee

How Can I Use A Student Visa In Australia?

Whilst the student Visa can only be used for studying purposes and is usually valid for up to five years, there are some additional benefits having a student visa can provide. Considering these may help you understand how you can use a student Visa in Australia.

Under a student visa, you are also permitted to bring family members to Australia. This will incur additional charges to the application and may also require you to prove income for them in addition, though.

Furthermore, the student Visa allows you to travel to and from the country as much as you like (at least for the duration of the Visa), which makes it easy to travel back to your home country during holidays.

Finally, it’s worth considering that the Australian student visa also permits you to work up to 20 hours a week or 40 hours every two weeks, which all helps to support your income and help manage the costs of living abroad. After all, even with lower costs of living in Australia than other countries, it’s still not necessarily cheap. The restrictions are even lower during breaks and holidays.

After you complete your studies, you may be eligible to enrol in a range of work options, including further study or working within Australia through another type of Visa, such as by applying for a skilled labour Visa.

Can I Bring My Partner Or Spouse On A Student Visa To Australia?

Did you know that, under a student Visa, you may be able to bring close family members with you? You will need to apply for a dependent visa for each person you bring along, and there are two main ways to do this. First, you could include them on your original student Visa application, which will allow them to travel with you for the period of your course. Alternatively, you could fill in a separate visa once you have started studying.

In either case, you will need to provide evidence that you have the necessary funds to cover your living expenses. However, if you already have a student Visa, you have a minimum of 12 months of validity left. Spouses and partners over the age of 18 are eligible for the dependent Visa.

Final Thoughts

If you have been thinking of studying in Australia, a student Visa is undeniably the best way to achieve this. This useful Visa provides students with a route into Australia, helping them develop the necessary skills they need to boost their learning and open the doors to international work experience, all whilst studying in a country that’s wonderfully rich in culture, sights, and opportunities. However, to ensure that you get the most from studying in Australia, it is vital to look at all of the options to find what is right for you – and we hope that today’s guide will have given you a little more inspiration in this regard. Best of luck with your application, and enjoy your studies!

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