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Skilled Migration to Australia Page 2

Have you ever thought about making a move to Australia? If so, then you’ll first need to obtain a Visa to make a move – and there are several different ways you could go about this. Fortunately, today, we’re on hand to help you find out a little more about skilled migration to Australia, including how this works and whether this might be a suitable option for your own migration needs.

What Is Meant By Skilled Migration?

Before we go any further, the first question we should perhaps consider is: what is meant by skilled migration, anyway? Skilled migration is a unique form of temporary emigration where individuals are provided with a Visa into Australia thanks to their unique skillset. Indeed, since there are many trades in Australia currently struggling to find suitably qualified staff, skilled migration enables experienced workers to enter the country, helping combat these skills shortages while offering a unique opportunity for individuals wanting to migrate to Australia.

It is notable here that skilled migration requirements can vary from time to time, so it’s important to clarify current skilled migration opportunities if you have been planning to move to Australia.

What Is High Skilled Immigration?

Skilled migration means to move to another country temporarily, while high-skilled immigration means moving to another country for work in a high-skilled job role with permanent residency. This varies slightly depending on the type of Visa you hold, so it may be worth getting advice in this regard to find the most suitable type of immigration for your unique requirements.

Do I Qualify For Skilled Migration To Australia?

Do you qualify for skilled migration to Australia? This is heavily dependent on your unique situation, in many cases, since it heavily depends on which skilled jobs are in demand in Australia at the time. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consider whether your skills or experience might make you a suitable candidate for skilled migration to Australia. However, a few critical factors you’ll need to meet to qualify to immigrate include:

  • Holding a nomination from an Australian state or territory government
  • Achieving a minimum of 65 points in a points assessment
  • Being under the age of 50 years (ie. still with many working years behind you)
  • Having at least basic English skills and suitable character/personality requirements

It’s notable that if you hold any outstanding debts to the Australian government, you won’t be able to qualify for skilled migration to Australia. As such, it’s essential to pay off any debts to the Australian government first before making your application for migration.

Is Australia Open For Skilled Immigration?

Due to difficulties with hiring skilled staff in Australia, the country is often open for skilled immigration to meet labour shortages. This is still the case presently since Australia is currently struggling immensely to fill certain roles in the job market. Understandably, this has left a substantial number of businesses unable to operate at full capacity – a significant complication not only for the Australian people and businesses but also for tax purposes, limiting tax collection and the resulting improvements to the Australian economy that would lead.

Is Australia Looking For Skilled Workers?

While Australia is open to skilled immigration, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Australian businesses are looking for new skilled workers. Fortunately, in most regions, businesses that are reliant on skilled workers are regularly looking for new staff to take on who could help bolster their goals. As such, if you have skills that position you as a competitive candidate when moving to Australia, you could be in good stead to find employment rapidly. However, it’s worth considering that, if moving from a non-English country, you may need to prove your ability to speak fluent English to a high, native level before getting jobs in certain positions (particularly those focused on customer service skilled roles).

Which Skilled Jobs Are In Demand In Australia?

The exact list of skilled jobs in Australia can vary depending on what is most needed at the time. As such, we highly recommend that you consider this before applying for skilled migration to Australia. However, presently, some of the most in-demand skilled job roles in Australia include:

  • Nursing staff
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics (specifically for motors)
  • Construction managers
  • Management consultants
  • Metal fitters
  • Machinists
  • Software and application programmers

Of course, the exact in-demand job type will also vary depending on the location within Australia. As such, you should consider the local market when considering a move to Australia to ensure that your skills will actually be in-demand after your move – for example, there’s not likely to be nearly as much work for software and application programmers in Australia’s rural communities compared to in big cities such as Sydney, which have the infrastructure and connections to support this.

Who Are Skilled Migrants in Australia?

Skilled migrants in Australia are individuals who have moved to Australia with a skilled migration Visa, allowing them to live and work in the country in exchange for their skills (which are in short demand). The exact skills of skilled migrants will vary from time to time, depending on the type of skills that are most needed at that particular moment; for example. Currently, skilled jobs such as nursing staff, electricians, chefs, and software engineers are all in high demand. However, in five years time, the exact requirements for skilled migrants may change based on the number of Australian nationals training for particular job roles.

What Qualifies For A Skilled Visa in Australia?

In order to qualify for a skilled migration Visa in Australia, you will need to meet several key characteristics. For one thing, you will naturally need to be of working age, which means that skilled migrants usually need to be under fifty years of age (to ensure that they are able to contribute their skills to the Australian economy suitably).

Furthermore, it’s also worth considering that skilled Visas in Australia also have several other requirements; for example, you may need to prove your skills in a particular industry before you can gain entry. Depending on the type of skills you hold, you may also need to have experience, although this will often vary depending on your level of qualifications and the level of skills shortage within your area of specialty.

Why Do Skilled People Migrate?

There are countless different reasons why skilled individuals choose to migrate to Australia, and of course, we can’t entirely speak on their behalf. With that being said, it’s worth noting that skilled workers typically migrate for several similar reasons. These might include:

  • Making the most of the Australian climate and its warm, sunny weather is often a significant contributor to many people’s decisions to move to Australia.
  • Taking advantage of the Australian economy, where costs of living are often lower than in many Western countries such as the United Kingdom. This is particularly true in regards to house prices, which can be drastically more affordable than in other nations.
  • Enjoying the unique culture and opportunities available in Australia. The Australian community is often highly welcoming and inclusive for people from all walks of life, which often means that it’s enjoyable to immigrate to Australia for a more laid-back way of life.
  • Meeting up with friends and family members who have moved to Australia is another common motivation for skilled people to migrate to Australia. As such, if you’ve been missing loved ones who have already moved to Australia, making the change yourself might be a valuable opportunity to consider.
  • Making sure you’re getting a fair rate of pay and valuable job prospects through employment. Some jobs in Australia that are in high demand may be less in demand or more suitably catered for in other countries. With this thought in mind, it may be a valuable opportunity to move to Australia to find a new employer who values you and your skills (and pays a fair price, accordingly).

What Are The Requirements For A Skilled Migrant Visa In Australia?

There are many different requirements to apply for a skilled migrant Visa, but you will need to:

  • Be under the age of 50
  • Achieve 65+ points on a points assessment
  • Be nominated for a skilled migrant Visa by an Australian territory or state government
  • Speak a suitably high level of English
  • Achieve health requirements as necessary

In order to be granted your Australian skilled migrant Visa, assuming you meet all other requirements, you will also need to ensure any outstanding debts are covered; furthermore, you must be willing to sign the Australian Values Statement.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been planning on moving to Australia, skilled migration is often one of the most feasible routes into the country for many people. However, to ensure you’re getting the most from your move to Australia, it’s still vital to consider the different options available and how each might influence your move overall. Remember: moving to Australia may not always be an easy feat, but there’s a lot to love about making a move – which may be well worth considering.

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