Reports indicates that Indians are now topping list of new Australian migrants

Reports indicates that Indians are now topping list of new Australian migrants

Did apply to become get citizenship in Australia during the 2012-13, this being the highest figure since the year 2011-12.

The Migration Programme of Australia has in addition witnessed a considerable increase, with 40,100 citizens from India having applied to migrate to Australia during the period 2012-13, with China having 27,300 applicants while the United Kingdom figure stood at 21,700, according the Melbourne Age.

Sharon Harris, a migration Law expert observes that there is a rising trend of Chinese and Indian citizens who are now seeking Australian citizenship for increased global movement.

According to her, the countries of India and China are undoubtedly the most prolific countries of source for persons pursuing visas into Australia and eventually citizenship.

Having an Australian issued passport opens up expanded travel access worldwide.

Further, Harris further observes that government change was especially very popular with people from China, who appear to be attracted to the government of Prime Minister Abbott.

According to Harris, with the new government the Chinese have more political confidence in a political environment that is stable.

Further, the report revealed that 62,700 persons having temporary visas that had already expired or which had been revoked, were illegally living in Australia.

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