Five common mistakes on visa applications

Five common mistakes on visa applications

1) Insufficient evidence to satisfy criteria

There are a variety of different visas which you can apply for to legally stay in Australia – from tourism to study and work visas. Each type of visa has its own requirements, and you must be able to demonstrate that you meet these requirements as part of your application. Make sure to careful check the requirements of the visa you are applying for and ensure that your application contains all of the supporting evidence necessary.

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2) Documents provided in incorrect format

Similarly, it is important to ensure that the supporting evidence, as well as the forms you provide are in the correct format. This will include the appropriate application form for the specific visa type, and also, depending on the type of visa you apply for, may also be certified copies of your passport, passport photos, certified copies of your birth certificate and certified copies of name change evidence.

Again, make sure you carefully check the documents required and their necessary format according to the Department of Home Affairs and follow these instructions closely. The Department has strict requirements and you need to follow them exactly!

3) Incorrect forms and incorrect application fees

Each type of visa has its own application form – so check carefully to make sure you have the correct form for the visa you would like (and are eligible for). Each type of visa also has its own specific application fee. Fees can change from time to time, and the fee you need to pay will depend on the date the Department receives your application. If the application fee you pay is incorrect (whether because there is a change in the fee or because you have made an oversight) you will need to resubmit the fee, which may delay your application.

4) Waiting till the last day of visa expiry

According to Australian law, you need to depart Australia on or before your visa expires, if you have not yet renewed it. Therefore it is important to give plenty of time to renew your visa before the date of expiry. In most cases, visas renewals are processed within 2 days, however you do not want to risk delays because of errors or other unforeseen circumstances!

5) Failing to respond within the Department timeframe

As part of your visa application process, the Department of Home Affairs may be in contact with you to provide further information. They will generally do so through the email address you provide as part of your application. You will then need to respond with the additional information they request, usually by scanning and uploading it to your ImmiAccount online application – make sure you do this within their requested timeframe, so that your application is not cancelled.

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