Benefit of the doubt no more as PM Abbott gets tougher on security

Benefit of the doubt no more as PM Abbott gets tougher on security

Mr. Abbott is anticipated to make public the government report into the recent Martin Place siege sometime this week prior to getting back to Parliament coming Monday with a beefed up set of security measures.

One measure that could get included in this set is the revocation of dual citizenship of those nationals involved in terrorism. Other countries like Canada and France have recently introduced similar measures, while Britain has is moving to introduce laws which could see the suspension of British citizenship.

Prime Minister Abbott will in addition press ahead with his plans of banning Hizb ut-Tahrir , the radical Islamist group and introduce controversial modification changes to legislation on mandatory data retention.

The statement was deemed quite strong on rhetoric though light on detail and is being viewed by insiders in the government as an attempt by the Prime Minister to focus on an issue that happens to be a powerful Coalition strength.

While the statement that is foreshadowing the new protection announcement was being made public by the Office the Prime Minister, Mr. Abbot himself was then speaking to Channel 10’s Andrew Bolt. He informed Mr. Bolt that his focus on national security matters last year caused him to desert his own backbench.

He says that his concentration on national security issues and economic security issues didn’t leave him sufficient time to discuss with his colleagues, which he feels was a terrible mistake, a terrible failing and something that he is never going to let happen again.

On Sunday the PM condemned the deaths in Denmark during the recent attack made on a free speech forum indicating that the attack only strengthened the resolve in combating Daesh or ISIL and that evil they represent.

He conveyed his message that the people of Australia were standing with the Danes as they came to terms with the brutal attack by terrorists.

Sources have hinted that a week away from the national assembly would offer a chance of changing the “national dialogue” away from the proceedings of last week’s party meeting where the PM survived an effort to bring on a Party leadership spill.

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