The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) is a process in which an Australian employer can sponsor an employee for a permanent visa. The employee is then able to stay permanently in the country with this work visa.

• For a skilled overseas worker
• For a skilled worker living in Australia on a temporary visa

For those living already in Australia, applicants must have a current or qualifying visa to apply for ENS visa. For those living overseas, a prior visa is not required.

After attaining an ENS visa, the visa holder is able to hold all of the rights of a permanent resident including:
• Maintaining residence and eligibility to work in Australia

In order to be eligible to nominate an employee for the ENS visa, the employer must:
• Operate a legal business in Australia
• Require a paid employee for the job at hand
• Have a training strategy for employees

In order for this position to be nominated, the job must:
• be a full-time position for at least 3 years
• demonstrate working conditions up to Australian standard
• Nominate an occupation on the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL) of skilled occupations
• pay a minimum salary as required by ENS Scheme

The minimum salary requirement varies annually. It cannot include extras such as:

• room, board or meals
• bonuses, commissions or other incentives
• shares or bonus shares
• travel or holidays, health care, insurance
• vehicles or allowances for vehicles
• communication
• living allowance
• superannuation contributions
• non-salary benefits excluding Medicare rebates

Employee requirements:
• If the employee is onshore they must have a qualifying visa and apply for the ENS

Additional Information:
The visa must be lodged within 6 months of the lodging of the nomination application.
Employees nominated for this visa are able to add family members to the visa
Employees must meet health and character requirements for entry into Australia. The employee must agree to the Australian Values Statement.

In order to apply for this application:
• The employer must submit the nomination for the position
• The employer must find a potential employee
• The employee must accept the employment offer
• The employee must apply for a visa within 6 months of the nomination approval

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