Why so many migrants choose to settle in Melbourne

Why so many migrants choose to settle in Melbourne

Melbourne has long been known as a centre of multiculturalism in Australia. For generations, migrants have chosen to settle in Melbourne, with large populations of Italian, Greek, Vietnamese and African origin. This trend has continued in recent years, with Melbourne residents giving almost every country in the world as their country of birth in the 2016 census.

Many Melbourne suburbs boast large proportions of residents born overseas. According to the 2016 census, in two suburbs (Melbourne CBD and Clayton), those born in China outnumber those born in Australia. These two suburbs are both incredibly diverse and home to many international students, along with other temporary and permanent migrants. 24% of residents Melbourne CBD residents and 27% of Clayton residents gave their country of birth as China in the survey.
Other regions of Melbourne have significant populations born in other countries. For example, there are large numbers of Vietnamese migrants living in the Western and inner Eastern suburbs, such as Braybrook, over 20% of whose residents were born in Vietnam. The city’s Northern suburbs have large Italian and Greek born populations, while many inner city and Eastern suburbs have large numbers of residents born in China.
Overseas students studying at university represent a large proportion of Melbourne’s migrant population, drawn by the city’s high quality universities and diverse and inclusive culture. Many skilled workers are also attracted to live in Australia’s second largest city, where a large number of professional job opportunities can be found. Many of these migrants are in Melbourne thanks to 457 temporary skilled work visas, or 190 skilled nominated visas, aimed to bring highly qualified professionals into the country to fill skills gaps in the economy.
Along with its work and study opportunities, Melbourne continues to be a choice for many immigrants due to its high-level facilities, services, and reputation as the capital of arts and culture in Australia. Its diverse and multicultural population, well-known for being accepting and inclusive of new citizens and residents, is also highly attractive to migrants.

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