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Australian Immigration Officers to Visit Roma

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will be visiting Roma in rural Queensland on December 5 and 6, 2011. The purpose of visit is to provide businesses and workers in Roma with information on employer-sponsored visa options for skilled workers. Queensland outreach officers will carry out a free information session about the 457 visa program and pathways to permanent residence, such as the skilled regional sponsored migration scheme before giving employers and visa holders the chance to ask questions and gain knowledge of these Australian visas.

Benefit of the doubt no more as PM Abbott gets tougher on security

Mr. Abbott is anticipated to make public the government report into the recent Martin Place siege sometime this week prior to getting back to Parliament coming Monday with a beefed up set of security measures. One measure that could get included in this set is the revocation of dual citizenship of those nationals involved in terrorism. Other countries like Canada and France have recently introduced similar measures, while Britain has is moving to introduce laws which could see the suspension of British citizenship.

Selective Immigration Could Bring Better Benefits to Economy

The Jewish people for whatever explanation have throughout the course of history been and still remain extraordinarily over-represented in the higher levels and echelons of business, sciences and the arts. For instance, according a source, they have since the year 1901 won at least 22% of all the Nobel prizes that have been awarded, despite the fact that they only make up just approximately 0.2% of the global population. Were they to make an abrupt departure from France as seem likely, it would have dealt a massive blow to its rich human capital and injured its odds of full recovery.…

Overseas workers will be allowed to work for a year without applying for 457 visas

The recommendations are implying that employers will not be asked to show they had initially attempted to have the work vacancies with Australian workers ahead of awarding them to foreigners. With rates of unemployment at a 10-year high, the impact on the younger persons is going to be especially harsh. Already, youth unemployment is at alarming levels, yet the most of the 457 visa being approved are for persons who are below 30. 1 in 5 workers already on the 457 visas was receiving below-standard wages. Ged Kearney, President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions says that the proposed…

Reports indicates that Indians are now topping list of new Australian migrants

Did apply to become get citizenship in Australia during the 2012-13, this being the highest figure since the year 2011-12. The Migration Programme of Australia has in addition witnessed a considerable increase, with 40,100 citizens from India having applied to migrate to Australia during the period 2012-13, with China having 27,300 applicants while the United Kingdom figure stood at 21,700, according the Melbourne Age. Sharon Harris, a migration Law expert observes that there is a rising trend of Chinese and Indian citizens who are now seeking Australian citizenship for increased global movement.

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