Migration News

Numbers of New Zealanders migrating to Australia are on the rise

Despite some reports of New Zealanders living in Australia returning to their country of origin, there has been a documented long-term increase of New Zealand citizens settling in Australia. In 2012-13, permanent arrivals of New Zealand citizens in Australia increased to 10,875 people, an increase of 19.5% from the previous year. New Zealanders represent the second largest group of Australian citizens born overseas, after those born in the UK.

Australian Government Proposes Changes to Visa System

In July, the Department of Immigration and Border protection announced a number of proposed reforms. Some of the most controversial reforms, which have received a great deal of media coverage, relate to securing Australian citizenship and the Australian citizenship test. However, there are a number of other proposed reforms which relate to Australia’s visa system.

Australian Government receives rush of citizenship applications after citizenship test reforms fail to pass Parliament

Following the Senate’s rejection last month of a Bill which would reform the Australian citizenship test, the Department of Immigration has received a rush of applications. The proposed reforms to the Australian citizenship test included a tougher English language exam and a test which quizzed candidates about Australian values. The changes would have also seen an increase in waiting times for permanent residents from one to four years.