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Overseas workers will be allowed to work for a year without applying for 457 visas

The recommendations are implying that employers will not be asked to show they had initially attempted to have the work vacancies with Australian workers ahead of awarding them to foreigners. With rates of unemployment at a 10-year high, the impact on the younger persons is going to be especially harsh. Already, youth unemployment is at alarming levels, yet the most of the 457 visa being approved are for persons who are below 30. 1 in 5 workers already on the 457 visas was receiving below-standard wages. Ged Kearney, President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions says that the proposed…

Reports indicates that Indians are now topping list of new Australian migrants

Did apply to become get citizenship in Australia during the 2012-13, this being the highest figure since the year 2011-12. The Migration Programme of Australia has in addition witnessed a considerable increase, with 40,100 citizens from India having applied to migrate to Australia during the period 2012-13, with China having 27,300 applicants while the United Kingdom figure stood at 21,700, according the Melbourne Age. Sharon Harris, a migration Law expert observes that there is a rising trend of Chinese and Indian citizens who are now seeking Australian citizenship for increased global movement.

The Australian parliament supports migrant reforms

Currently Australia detains every asylum seekers arriving by boat, and holds them in several processing camps offshore. The bill stipulates that those who are found to be genuine refugees are not going to be resettled permanently in Australia, under harsh new migration policies targeting at terminating the boats flow. The country in addition has got a cases backlog of nearly 30,000, all relating to seekers asylum seekers who had arrived ahead of the current policies being put into effect. Most of such persons are living in detention camps offshore or within the community covered by a bridging visa which does…

Tough Australia, baffled Scandinavia and edgy Russia: the international immigration picture

Understandably, the developed world happens to be also he places where international immigrants are representing a bigger proportion of the entire population: 10.8 per cent compared to only 1.6% in the less developed regions. For instance, migrants are now making up 9.8 per cent of Europe’s the total population, 14.9% of the North America population, and in excess of 20 per cent in Oceania. However, it would appear that the patterns of migration are now shifting. Although more are still settling in the advanced nations than in the less developed, the rate of growth is now much higher in the…

Exhibition “A Ticket to Paradise” charts immigrant’s impact on Australia

Dr. James Jupp, Australian National University (ANU) Adjunct Associate Professor said most of the policies crafted then are what have made the modern country of Australia what it has become today. Dr. King says the initial policies termed “populate or perish” implemented by Arthur Calwell, the then immigration minister could not have essentially envisioned the ending of then Australia white policy as regards immigration by non-northern Europeans.