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G20 World Leaders Summit in Brisbane: As it unfolded

The growing Ukraine crisis in will get discussed by the US President and 5 leaders of the EU who are present. Throughout the day, protests in huge numbers have gone on despite the heat. Vladimir Putin, Russian President is facing some catastrophic oil prices slump. British PM David Cameron indicates that Europe would be having no option but to increase sanctions in case the Russian Leader does not abide by earlier agreements in terms of respecting Ukraine’s independence. Joe Hockey, Australian treasurer, indicates that governments stand the risk of getting their legitimacy lost in people’s eyes if multinationals are permitted…

Abbott: G20 set to improve the world

The leaders will on Sunday launch the Brisbane Action Plan. This is a declaration on how the leaders collectively will attain a 2% boost global growth by 2018, including individual country strategies. There also will be reports and a final communiqué on issues ranging from energy efficiency to tax from some 10 working groups. On the Summit’s eve, Business chiefs and Labour unions meeting as the B20and L20 plus the civil society groups (C20), crafted a varied bag of counsel for the G20 leaders.

Selective Immigration Could Bring Better Benefits to Economy

Mr. Abbott is anticipated to make public the government report into the recent Martin Place siege sometime this week prior to getting back to Parliament coming Monday with a beefed up set of security measures. One measure that could get included in this set is the revocation of dual citizenship of those nationals involved in terrorism. Other countries like Canada and France have recently introduced similar measures, while Britain has is moving to introduce laws which could see the suspension of British citizenship. Prime Minister Abbott will in addition press ahead with his plans of banning Hizb ut-Tahrir , the…